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Do Shots, Don’t Get Shot Full Moon Hash (PFMH3 #165)

Welcome, welcome welcome to the ?th Anal "Do Shots, Don’t Get Shot"

We spend all year drinking boring old beer and now we find ourselves in the lonely, cold, dark times of the year where it is only appropriate to turn to our mischievous little friend liquor. He/she/it loves us, makes us warm inside and amorous outside so come along and join us as we stumble away the hours through Fairmount on the Anal "Do Shots, Don’t Get Shot Hash!"

Currently, we are making it another crawl, but we may switch it up this year to a dead trail (still TBD), who knows. However, I always stand by the argument, the faster you trail, the more shots you get. Any which ways it goes, we will all be stumbling by the end. So tuck away an extra $10 in your underpants for cab fare or a lucky friend before this all goes down or you’ll wind up on a friends couch, locked out of your own apt.

Hold the Sausage is working her address book magic again this year but if you are new to hashing and live in Fairmount, please let us know that you want to host a shot and we can come destroy some part of your house!

We’ll be starting at the Urban Saloon on Fairmount Ave. Around 8pm Standard Hash Time, we will depart for our first stop. Try to be there… From there, its trail, figure it out. If you miss us, or get hopelessly lost – obviously try phoning someone. If that doesn’t work – go to our On-After location, still TBD

see url What: Do Shots, Don’t Get Shot 2013
When: Friday, February 22nd, 7:30pm, Pack off at 8pm
follow Who: Hares: Hold the Sausage & Fairmount hash crew
Where: Start Location: The Urban Saloon, 2120 Fairmount Avenue
On-After: TBD
Hash Cash: $10

Items to bring: Liver, low cut shirts, cameras, cab fare/bus tokens/etc.

Did I forget something? Let me know… I may answer it.




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