Philly Full Moon Hash House Harriers

Official website for the PFMH3. Pants optional.


Full Moon

Full Moon Hash Observed

Moon Hares Theme Starting Bar
September 12 (2011) September 9 Corn Bar Crawl Holy F! 7pm at Black Sheep
October 12 (2011) October 14 Harvest One Inch In Beer Mile! Main and Cotton, Manayunk Towpath
November 10 (2011) November 18 Beaver TOS + CYHMN Turkey Trail Pack off 7:45 from Woolly Mammoth’s
December 10 (2011) December 2 Cold Tube Cock Holiday Green Room
January 9 January 27 Wolf Sausage Do Shots, Don’t Get Shot Fairmount
February 7 February 24 Snow Where’s My Vagina Where’s My Vagina Birthday Hash Woolly Mammoth’s
March 8 March 16 Worm Rear Engineer Green Dress Pre-Lube Grumpy’s
April 6 April 6 Pink Tits of Steel First Friday Fancypants Art Hash Irish Pol
May 6 May 11 Flower Sternum & Rectum West Philly Dog Friendly Hash Sternum N Rectum’s – see post
June 4 June 8 Strawberry BEER MILE! Urine Luck and Hold The Sausage Manayunk Towpath
July 3 July 6 or June 29 Buck Hare(s) Needed  SIGN UP!!!  
August 2 August 3 Sturgeon AGM  AGM  tba
August 31 August 31 Blue Moon Blue Moon Sausage and Cause  Blue Moon Run  TBA