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Official website for the PFMH3. Pants optional.

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Save the Date for March & April Full Moons

Friday, March 16th – The Philly Full Moon Green Dress Pre-Lube/Pre-Lewd. Hared by Rear Engineer. 7:30 meet up, Pack off at 8pm. Hash Cash $10. Location TBA. More details to follow! Friday, April 6th – Philly Full Moon Fancy Pants First Friday Hash. Hared by Tits of Steel. 7:30 meet up, Pack off at 8pm. […]

DSDGS Recap!

It would be a lie to call this a "Trash" since we are half minds and can’t remember what happened yesterday, let alone two weeks ago. It took a while for the hangover to subside from Do Shots Don’t Get Shot 2012 but now the headaches have stopped and some of the fog has lifted… […]

Trash: PFMH3 152 Turkey Trail

The plan was simple, meet CYHMN around 6pm at Woolly Mammoth’s to lay the first official running trail of the Year of Tits & Beaver/Beaver & Tits… September’s hash was a pub crawl, and the October was the 1st anal PFMH3/Bryn Mawr Running Club Beer Mile. TOS only had to travel about 10 miles by […]

Beer Mile Results (PFMH3 151)

We had a beer mile and you missed it!!! What were you thinking? Unless your name was: Bumble Beaver, Hold the Sausage, One Inch In, Up Her Ali, Short Distance Rimmer, 2 Clump Chump, Broken Rod, Jug Stain, Tits of Steel, and a whole bunch of virgins whose names we don’t remember anymore. Hardly any […]

Welcome Welcome Welcome to the Year of Beaver + Tits

Or Bumble Tits, or Beaver of Steel, or something like that. The next Full Moon Hash will be on September 9th as part of Holy F#ck’s Beer Sampling Tour. More details to be posted soon – including hash cash, start location and approximate crawl times. This will not be a running hash – wear your […]

PFM 146: Can You Moon Me Now

**Venue Change** Friday May 20 will be the Flower Full Moon. To celebrate that lunatic event, the Full Moon Hash will hash out of The Rogue, formally TA Flannery’s. They used to have great food, and great beer, I can’t speak to whether those things are still true. When our hair scouted the reincarnation of […]

PFM 140: Full Moon Unrapped

Last month Tw*t of Darkness offered to lay trail to the theme of Rapper, or was it Wrapper (we still aren’t sure). I waited at Cavanaugh’s for the packs interpretation of this theme and they were: Cause for Blindness, Dancing Fool, Flounder, Hold the Sausage, Major Piece of *ss, Post Anal Drip, Sleeps Around The […]